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Saved from certain death

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Saved To Serve

When we look back at our past we can see how our heavenly angel has protected us and saved our lives.

The reason for this is that God has a special work for each one of us to do.

I would like to share a testimony with each one of you how God has saved my life in the past and I owe everything to Him.

In the year of 1998 on one damp morning when driving to work my guardian Angel had a special mission to do, and this was to save my life.

my trusty car

Back then I was younger and like most young people would take a few too many risks when driving their cars. On this particular morning I was driving down a long hill on a straight road, at the bottom of this hill was a bend, a nice long curvey bend.

What do you not do on a bend – yes that is right you do not over take or pass another car and go into the lane of the oncoming traffic. This is exactly what I did I was driving on the wrong side of the road when a big truck was coming towards me. This would have been a combined speed collision of 110 mph.

To this date I do not know how I was saved bar a miracle. But God saved me from that head on collision. Somehow I passed through the moving line of traffic, which was reasonably tight onto a grass verge and was trying to stop my car from spinning.

The miracle does not stop here if this had happened 10 seconds further on I would not have been spinning on a grass verge but would have slid into a ditch.

You see God has a special work for you and I, He wants us saved into his Kingdom and also has a special job for us to do in winning souls for Him.

Has God saved your life and are you following His calling?

God increases (to God be the glory)Back in the summer of 1994, Jonathan Bennett from England (aged 16) was invited to go to a camping weekend to distribute literature in a nearby town. Once all was organised for this weekend and all packed, Jonathan's friend dropped him and 2 other friends at the camp organiser's house for the weekend to begin. The camp organiser drove the three boys to the camp site with the car packed with all the essentials...

Lessons from the Folding Machine Do you remember what was the most often used way that Jesus taught the multitude - parables. The people could remember Jesus' words every time they saw the everyday things that Jesus spoke about. (I can well remember one parable from years ago, about fruit picking)...

An Impressive Scene In the visions of the night a very impressive scene passed before me. I saw an immense ball of fire fall among some beautiful mansions, causing their instant destruction. I heard someone say: "We knew that the judgments of God were coming upon the earth, but we did not know that they would come so soon." Others, with agonized voices, said: "You knew! Why then did you not tell us? We did not know." On every side I heard similar words of reproach spoken.

From Rags to... Better Rags For many of us when it comes to finances and the Lords' work we think however will enough money come in to finish the Lords work. But rarely do we think what more can I do to help sacrifice for my Lord and raise more finances to save souls in the Kingdom of heaven. If Christ could have this attitude:- "Jesus did not count heaven a place to be desired while we were lost." DA416 then how much more can we do for our Lord?

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