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January 2006Another year has passed and we are closer to our Lord’s return. When we stop and look around us we pause and think, surely the Lord should have come by now... “When the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in His people, then He will come to claim them as His own” Christ Object Lesson p69... Click Here.

October 2005 Sometimes when God answers prayer He says No – but gives us something better!! Just recently our folding machine, which has folded about 7 – 8 million leaflets advertising The Great Controversy, finally stopped folding. At the same time our worker decided to move on. What were we to do? Click Here.

July 2005 What do the following countries have in common – Czech Republic, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, England, Norway and New Zealand? Answer – they are the home countries of the people who have been over to help us with the varied needs of Advent Books... Click Here.

February 2005 As each day passes we see and hear snippets of news which point to the removal of our liberties and freedom to distribute books like The Great Controversy. This is why I believe we must work with our Lord and do ALL in our power to spread this book like the leaves of Autumn... Click Here.

April 2004 OUR OBJECTIVE: to send a leaflet to every home in the United Kingdom, offering The Great Controversy and postal Bible studies totally free. This is being done primarily by bulk mailing to entire postal areas.

It is now over 10 years since Jonathan Bennett was first led by the Holy Spirit to start sending out The Great Controversy leaflets, when he was 16 years old and still at school. Many people have been reached and a great number of books and lessons have been sent to souls hungry for the Truth... Click Here.

July 2003 ADVENT BOOKS WAS ESTABLISHED IN 1996 and since then 7.5 million homes have received a leaflet and over 10,100 people have requested The Great Controversy. There are still another 18.5 million more homes which need to be covered and this is being done as quickly as possible.

TIME IS SHORT - We are told that the book, The Great Controversy is the book for end time and we as Seventh-day Adventist believers need to get this book out by the millions to as many homes as possible. This is why Advent Books is offering the book free to the people of England... Click Here.

April 2003 Yes that is right we have been so busy and have been receiving so many replies from the mailing in the NW of England, that it has not been practical for us to take the time to count the replies but we estimate that we have had over 400 replies. Praise God for this and please keep praying that more people will reply and want to know the truth. Many people are having this opportunity but there are so many more to be reached and time is running out.... Click Here.

December 2002 Recently brother Karsten Lang, from Germany, arrived in England to assist with the work of distributing leaflets to London neighbourhoods. Karsten had been praying about a way to earn funds, as he is planning to travel to Australia for medical missionary training. Karsten heads out each day distributing leaflets, often getting out as many as 1500 per day. Although he has only been working a few short weeks, already we have received over 20 responses with requests for both The Great Controversy and postal Bible studies... Click Here.

June 2002 Our first news item is the addition of 2 printers to our printer family. This now means we have a total of 4 printers. Enabling us to double our printing capacity so we can print twice as much as before. Praise God. This means we can print 20,000+ leaflets in an hour. We have got to get the job done and we need the equipment to do it. 6.2 million homes covered - 19 million more to go... Click Here.

December 2001 Over 900 requests for The Great Controversy over the last 6 weeks. These have mainly came from the Birmingham, Cambridge and Jersey areas. It is so exciting to know that there are over 900 copies of "The Great Controversy" in peoples homes, being read or simply just planted there for when the time is right. Time is short and there are many more homes which need to receive this truth filled literature; yes another 20 million more homes to be reached, and step by step the Lord will get us there... Click Here.

August 2001 A MILLION LEAFLETS READY TO GO! Yes there are over a million leaflets advertising The Great Controversy (which people can obtain free) printed, folded and boxed ready to be sent out like the leaves of autumn. They are stacked in boxes (from the floor to the ceiling) in our garage. But they are no good stacked there, they need to go out and there are people out there who need to and are eager to receive the truth... Click Here.

February 2001 Brothers and sisters are you tired of this sin sick world? Yes. Then why are we still here? There are 2 answers to this.
1. We have not fully given our hearts to Christ and we are not ready.
2. And we have not proclaimed the message to the world.
Will you today decide to FULLY follow Christ and put ALL your efforts into spreading The Three Angels Message... Click Here.

July 2000 Brothers and sisters we as Seventhday Adventists have a great work to finish, we have only just yet begun this task. We must press onwards and forwards to complete this work. I personally appeal to YOU (and yes to ME), will you take the up the banner and share this message with the whole world? Click Here.

April 2000 God has given us our duty - to go to all the world and tell them of the Three Angels Message. We must ask ourselves are we doing all that we can to proclaim this message? Have we strained every muscle; given all of ourselves, in time, money and energy, to hasten our Lord's return? Click Here.

January 2000 TESTIMONIES VOLUME 2 PAGE 168 "The followers of Christ have one leading object in view, one great work: the salvation of their fellow men. Every other interest should be inferior to this; it should engage the most earnest effort and the deepest interest."... Click Here.

June 1999 It is only by being truly converted that we can have success in the Lord's work. When we are under stress, tired and just had too much, is our hand still strongly grasping hold of God's? When we are dealt with unfairly do we still keep a quiet spirit? Click Here.

March 1999 If the Lord came today would you be ready to meet Him and when He asks where are the ones you laboured for, could you answer, "Here are the souls which are redeemed by your blood and here am I". It is only through God's help and strength that we will be able to say this but let each one of us PRESS ONWARDS AND UPWARDS both with our own spiritual lives and with bringing others to God... Click Here.

December 1998 As we struggle day by day in our efforts through our work for the Master we can say that "Heaven is cheap enough". The best thing I can think of is not just going to heaven but going to heaven and seeing souls there from our efforts on earth. It will also be a great joy to see how our work on this earth has helped bring people to God. One day we will see the full result of our labours... Click Here.

September 1998 In these last days we need to recognise our calling from God and advance, to forwards the Lord's work. We need to make big plans and with the Lord's help accomplish much. Let us remember that we have a heavenly Father which is all powerful, who is just waiting for us to step out in faith to advance His work and He will be right by our side giving us heavenly guidance... Click Here.

June 1998 “Then saith He unto His disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth labourers into His harvest.” Matt. 9: 37, 38.
Time is fast slipping by, we need to advance daily both spiritually and in the Lord’s work. The Lord has entrusted both you and me with the job of letting others learn of His love... Click Here.

March 1998 Just as God has chosen us as His servants and chosen the diverse methods and means by which we are to evangelise, He has also chosen us out of the world (John 15:19) to be sanctified in body, soul and spirit (1 Thess 5:23)... Click Here.

October 1997 We are to manifest God’s glory! Mankind was created to help others and glorify God. “Many misunderstand the object for which they were created. It was to bless humanity and glorify God, rather than to enjoy and glorify self.” 4 Testimonies p 354... Click Here.

April 1997 What does it mean to be like Christ? This means to truly copy His example of how He lived His humble life on this earth. On this earth He was meek, lowly, pure, cheerful.... and more which can be seen in this next quote. “Brethren, you must come closer, closer to the bleeding side of Jesus. Instead of yielding to every passing influence, seek earnestly to know the truth, and then endeavor to form a character consistent therewith... Click Here.

December 1996 By the time you read this, I will have been to see our daughter in California but at the moment I'm preparing to go and doing all the "hundreds" of things which need to be done before I can leave. I wasn't as busy as this when Jonathan asked me to write a few words for this newsletter. I prayed beforehand and didn't seem to hear where God was leading. I got busier and prayed some more - just what did God want me to do? Click Here.

July 1996 We all wish to have a greater spiritual understanding of the Bible and S.O.P. We also have a desire to perfect our characters and be like Jesus, but how do we do it? Three things which spring to mind is to pray, read and to study the Bible and S.O.P more than we do. But there’s more than this. Let me give you a little example; if I was learning how to play the violin one of the best ways to reinforce the way of playing it, would be to show someone else how to play it... Click Here.

January 1996 Christ’s love for mankind can be seen within the inspired word and nature: “God is Love,” is written upon every opening bud, upon every spire of springing grass.” STC 10. Although the devil has been allowed to deform God’s nature, God has still given us beauty: “There are flowers upon the thistles, and the thorns are covered with roses.” STC 10. Just the same way God has allowed sin to enter nature but still allows His blessings to be shown; He has allowed sin to enter into the world, but has given a redemption plan... Click Here.

December 1995 As time is fast approaching and the probationary door for this World is about to close, what are we doing? This probationary door is closing this very second for many people. Thousands of people are dying, but worse than just dying they are dieing lost, eternally lost.
Many of us are asleep, we are slumbering and do not really notice the true and eternal consequences of neglecting our duty. We are to be the last messengers to the World, to bring light, love and good tidings... Click Here.

One of the First Newsletters By now you should have wondered what is Advent Books. Like all ministries its aim is to help people find the truth or at least give them the chance to. To make it simple Advent Books operates in the following way. Leaflets which advertise the Great Controversy (G.C) are delivered to peoples letter boxes, when they replie we send them a G.C with a letter and another leaflet advertising more books by Mrs White. The Great Controversy and the other books are offered totally free. Both the Great Controversy leaflet and the leaflet advertisng more books contain the option for free postal Bible studies... Click Here.

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